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Slightly Magic Time!

What's the hour, you ask in rhyme - on your Pebble, it's Slightly Magic time! Potassium Frog. Official watch designer to Bigwiz the Wizard. Big day today. As well as Deus Ex Machina and Slighly Magic on Steam, we've got a third launch at the Pebble appstore .

Madness - You never can tell

Back, way back through the mists of time, when I was young and... oh, I dunno, let's not get maudlin. Twas a dark and smokey night in Cardiff's Top Rank when Madness took over the timeslot with their blend of music hall, Ska and nutty storytelling. We never knew, that's the thing. We never could have known, who could? Listening to their new track Mister Apples has made me realise - you never can tell. If you'd have asked me to predict which group from my youth I'd be listening to in the cold new world of 2016 I would never have said Madness. Funny that. Still, it's very much welcome, and I'll take my medicine however it comes.