I've already written this post, but I thought it was a little unhip to release two blog posts on the same day, in the same timeslot, so I've held this back for the Blogger robots to release.

However, a small delight should always be shared, and I am slightly delighted to have found most of my old Blogger posts and resurrected some of the less embarassing ones on this growing new blog device. 

Things I have learnt during the past two years, part thirteen;

  • Coffee is better freshly ground, by one's own hand (in a grinder, obvs)
  • Just because a year sounds like an optician's diagnosis (20-20) doesn't mean it will be a good one
  • Take a moment, see how you feel, and if what you're doing now doesn't make you either happy or richer, it might be time to move on
  • Don't take my advice

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